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April 24, 2017


Superchips Tuning U.K. Now Available at EDO Performance

Now Available at EDO Performance!

​April 22, 2017 -- EDO Performance is proud to announce our new partnership with Superchips Tuning U.K. to expand the availability of ECU tuning in the United States.

Being fully equipped for vehicle tuning applications, this new relationship allows EDO to become a go-to solution for quick and reliable power upgrades. Superchips Tuning U.K. provides engine control unit (ECU) upgrades to produce more power and torque for a wide range of popular vehicle manufacturers such as (but not limited) to):

  • BMW
  • Porsche
  • Audi
  • Volkswagen
  • Lamborghini

The additional power is produced by re-mapping the ECU's settings by changing various settings created by the car's original manufacturer. The company also produces the Bluefin tool that plugs into a car's diagnostic port and allows for re-mapping to be done at home.

How It Works:
Engine chipping came about after the introduction of the ECU. Since the early 1990s, most engines have been controlled by an on-board computer, the engine control unit (ECU), which amongst other functions, defines the ignition timing, fuelling and boost pressure for all given engine speeds and loads.ECU remapping lets us change the way the engine is controlled – and engine tuning gives you a more engaging drive.
Superchips develops a unique ECU remap for each car. A turbo diesel remap for one car will be different from another. And petrol engine ECU remaps will be different again.
Superchips invests extensively in development and testing and brings over 30 years of experience to the job, arriving at the optimized settings for your make and model of vehicle, ensuring that each remap is as individual as the software inside your ECU, safely eliminating those ‘performance compromises’.
In most cases this remapped program is installed electronically and remotely through the car’s diagnostic port; there’s no replacement chip, and ECU itself isn't touched.

Why Superchips?
Enjoy low fuel consumption and still get better performance.

In today’s market with soaring fuel prices, you want better mpg from your car. Saving gas or cutting diesel fuel consumption is increasingly important. But, you still want to enjoy driving. With Superchips engine tuning, you can have it all! Superchips engine chip tuning means IMPROVED FUEL ECONOMY as well as improved performance – saving you money in the long run. You don’t put limits on your life, so why have them on your car?

Every Superchip optimization delivers:
- an engine that responds more eagerly to your right foot
- smoother power delivery making town driving much easier with fewer gear changes
- improved acceleration for safer overtaking
For non-turbo petrol cars
- up to 10% more power
- enhanced throttle response
For turbocharged petrol cars
- up to 20% more power
- up to 25% more midrange torque
Superchips carefully matches increases in turbo boost pressure with the remapped ignition timing and fuelling. It doesn’t affect reliability or the life of the engine. Superchips know – they have over thirty years’ experience of enhancing the performance of turbocharged engines.
For turbo-diesel cars
- up to 30% more torque and more power
- fuel economy improvements
Even with turbo-diesel vehicles, Superchips delivers a smoother, enhanced drive by ensuring their remap matches the fueling to the increases in boost pressure.

About Superchips Tuning LLC.
Superchips Ltd. is a British company specializing in electronic engine tuning of cars. It was established in 1977 by Peter Wales as P.J. Detection Techniques, and was renamed Superchips in 1991. The company is based in Buckingham, Buckinghamshire, and has dealers of its products worldwide.

Interested in Superchips? Call Now! (800) 858-1659

April 10, 2017


Detailing Seminar with Griot's Garage

On April 8th, 2017, EDO Performance welcomed John Keeling of Griot's Garage to demonstrate and teach automotive enthusiasts about the art of detailing with Griot's Garage products! Starting promptly at 10AM, John was already underway testing some products on the trunk of the guinea pig Steel Grey Metallic BMW E46. In his luggage, John carried two orbitals to utilize and display. Both "The BOSS G15" and "The BOSS G21" were the weapons of choice for the demonstration.

Whipping out what seemed to just be a small sponge looking piece of red foam was actually the Griot's Garage Brilliant Finish Synthetic Clay. Immediately the audience was in disbelief that this little object was indeed a tool that did the exact same thing as a paint cleaning clay. Paired with Griot's Garage's Speedshine for lubrication, John 'broke in' the synthetic clay on the windows. Wiping away the remnants with the Griot's Garage microfiber Speedshine cloth revealed an astonishingly clean and clear window. Still in disbelief, the synthetic clay was handed to a few of the viewers for them to take a shot. Immediately wanting it after trying, one of the spectators commented that the synthetic clay was "literally effortless and left the glass smoother than I thought it could ever be without an orbital or really working at it." Once broken in, John handed the synthetic clay to a few other spectators to let them try it out, this time on the bonnet.

After going through a couple people and getting the entire bonnet 'clayed', John wiped out The BOSS G21 orbital. Attaching a microfiber fast cutting pad to it, 3-4 dabs of fast correcting cream were spread in to different sections of the pad. Moving gently to the bonnet surface, John started the orbital speed rather low and spread the correcting cream around a workable area. Once spread around, the speed was increased to really get the correcting moving! Some passes went by and the newly worked area was quickly buffed away with another microfiber cloth. Standing in shock, in such little amount of time that area of the bonnet had the spectators looking at their reflections! As John mentioned to the crowd, "it's easy for me to show you how easy it is to do this, but I've been doing this for a long time so you guys should give it a shot yourselves." A few other spectators volunteered as they gripped the seemingly large G21 orbital, but very quickly came to realize that there was no pressure at all required for letting the machine do its work. "I'm definitely getting one now!" someone stated from the back.

Presenting proof of all the available products abilities, John was asked question after question about the different products, how to use them, and how they compared to others. One spectator was even allowed to bring his car near the shop bay to try the suite of leather care products available from Griot's Garage, impressed by the ending finishes the very thick and almost goop like products delivered.

Running longer than expected, after experiencing a number of products, it was just about time for John to start packing up to make his way back to the flagship store in Tacoma, WA. To end, the spectators gave a highly positive rating of the seminar and assured  that they would definitely be back for the next one. "Caring for your car with Griot's Garage products makes the process so simple and I can truly see myself having fun in my garage." a very happy amateur detailer exclaimed.

Looking to attend the next Griot's Garage detailing seminar at EDO Performance? Stay tuned for videos from the event and comment below what you would like to see and we'll be excited to keep you up to date!

April 03, 2017


EDO & Griot's Garage Detailing Seminar

In place of our EDO Open House, we ask all to join us at EDO Performance on Saturday April 8th, from 10AM to 3PM and learn detailing from the pros! Space is limited so be sure to let us know you are attending by hitting the 'Going' button on our Facebook event page! The seminar begins promptly at 10 AM so be on time! Griot's Garage's very own John Keeling will be with us introducing the brand and showing us how to properly go through a paint correction process! John has extensive knowledge in detailing, being in the industry for 12 years. With over 30 years of detailing experience, John knows everything there needs to know when it comes to detailing!

Take part in learning how to use the right tools and right products in order to correct your paint and bring your car closer to show finish! Offering an entire suite of products for car care, Griot's Garage products for exterior paint, interior materials, wheels, tires, and more are available! If there is something that can be detailed on a car, Griot's Garage has a product for it!

This is a FREE event, so feel free to invite your friends who are interested in making their ride look great! While you're at the event, feel free to roam around the EDO Performance facility and witness the showroom taking host to many top of the line performance brands like Motul, Red Line, and more!

March 24, 2017


(POSTPONED) EDO Open House 2017

The EDO Open House has been postponed due to unforeseen circumstances. The new date will be announced soon.

On April 8th, 2017, EDO Performance is hosting its annual Open House! Automotive and motorsport enthusiasts are all welcome to attend! Starting at 10am and running until 3pm, the EDO Open House will bring together interesting rides from over Southern California welcoming high performance brands such as BMW, Porsche, Subaru, and more! Learn how to care for your car from the best with interactive seminars from Griot’s Garage! From displaying their quick and easy products to demonstrating steps that detailing pros use, you’ll get to see the best way to care for your car and then be able to purchase the products immediately after!

Take a tour of the shop and check out the showroom displaying top performance brands that cover many different categories of modification! Readily available for viewing and purchase are fluids from brands like Red Line, Motul, and Liqui Moly. A full suite of Tomioka Racing products to meet your fancy will also be viewable! Turbochargers, exhaust systems, coilovers, and super slopes are all in stock and ready to go to their new homes! Improve your performance quickly with a BMC Air Filter or get yourself some Leatherique to restore that classic ride. EDO Performance has something for everyone! Check out the EDO Performance cars as well as the service area to familiarize yourself with the shop. Speak with our technicians and learn more about modifying or servicing your vehicle.

Invite your friends and come hang out at EDO Performance! It’s the perfect opportunity to meet other enthusiasts, order some parts, eat some pastries and drink some GREAT coffee!

Event Details:

Date: Saturday April 8th, 2017

Time: 10 AM – 3 PM

Where: EDO Performance; 11922 Western Ave, Garden Grove, CA 90680

Entry: FREE

February 17, 2017


EDO Performance Attends NHRA Winternationals

February 9th-12th the Circle K NHRA Winternationals, as part of the newly displayed Mellow Yellow Drag Racing Series, was held at Auto Club Raceway at Pomona. Every February since 1961, fans have gathered in Southern California for one of drag racing’s largest traditions: the unveiling of new cars, drivers, teams, and sponsorships at the season opener. Pomona allows for some of the best fan experiences as every ticket is a pit pass, giving fans direct access to the teams, see highly-skilled drag mechanics at work, get autographs, and more!

NHRA Winternationals at Auto Club Raceway Pomona 2017

For some, drag racing doesn’t seem too exciting, having the cars pretty much only go in a straight line. We can tell you first hand however that drag racing is a completely unique sport that can only be best viewed in person! Beginning with Pro Stock in the morning, cars and drivers were easily running ¼ mile times between 6 and 7 seconds, plummeting down the runway reaching speeds in excess of 200 mph! To any standard person, this is ridiculously fast!

NHRA Winternationals at Auto Club Raceway Pomona 2017

Move closer to lunch time and the Top Fuel Dragsters started to make their debut. What was originally thought to be insanely fast was pushed aside by the speeds and times that these cars were able to make it down the runway. As they approach the staging area, dragsters need to warm up (and clean) their tires for their runs to make sure they get maximum traction. This comes in the form of a nice and quick burnout! Bring on the tire smoke! As the lights countdown to green, you realize you’ve just blinked and missed the race. Quarter mile speeds of over 300mph accomplishing the distance in a mere 3 seconds! The sound that comes from these machines resonates the entire raceway, rattling your insides as you cheer for more! Not having ear protection is ill advised.

NHRA Winternationals at Auto Club Raceway Pomona 2017

View our entire photo album of the NHRA Winternationals below (or on our Flickr) and see all the other excitement that the NHRA brings!

February 06, 2017


Subaru Forester Fitted with Whiteline and Wilwood

Brakes… never take them for granted! Although we like to add power and make cars go faster, it’s important to remember to keep in mind how important it is to stop. Brakes are the most important safety system of a vehicle. Being able to slow or stop at a moment’s notice will help to avoid an incidents or accident. If brakes aren’t working properly they won’t be able to do the job that they were designed for. Factory brake systems are designed to function effectively on the car they were designed for, but sometimes a little more oomph in the brake system becomes necessary. Taking a car to any track environment or even driving a car in a more spirited manner, such as AutoX, rally, or canyon carving will demand a whole lot more from the brake system. Compared to the street, on the track a brake system will get extremely hot! Ever watched motorsports and see the brake disc glow bright orange? These systems can be operating at over 1,200OC (2192OF) working hard to slow the vehicle!

Subaru Forester Wilwood Superlite BBK Install

Of course factory brake systems aren’t meant for racing or extreme spirited driving, so the owner of this Subaru Forester decided to increase his stopping power and equip a Wilwood Superlite 6-piston front and 4-piston rear big brake kit (BBK)! The Superlite caliper series is the benchmark in short track, late model, modified and open wheel competition. It also enjoys prominence in a variety of road-race, off-road, rally and sport driving applications. The new FSLI model series is the latest innovation to this Superlite family of calipers. It has been redesigned with internal fluid ports that eliminate the external fluid cross-over tubes, along with any potential problems that could arise from a damaged tube. The transfer tube has been replaced with two additional bleed screw assemblies which allows this group of symmetrical piston bore models to be mounted either right or left in a leading or trailing position.

Subaru Forester Wilwood Superlite BBK Install

Specifically for the 6-piston caliper, the unsurpassed braking capacity serves as the base of this group of 13”-14” big rotor kits for these popular late model vehicles. SL6 kits are engineered application specific for simplified installation and full compatibility with OE master cylinder output and ABS functions where used. Big brake kits provide increased brake capacity and complimentary style with wheel, tire, and suspension upgrades on show cars and high performance street/track machines. Optional caliper finishes and rotor designs simplify personalizing the style and braking requirements of any application. As seen on this Forester, the front calipers are machined silver while the rear calipers are a glazed black.

Subaru Forester Wilwood Superlite BBK Install

On the suspension side of things, this Forester also received Whiteline Sway Bars Front and Rear as well as Whiteline Rear Adjustable Trailing Arms! This series of adjustable trailing arms are designed to modify factory camber - toe & track. As a result of using these trailing arms, there is a greater range and more precise adjustment as well as a more direct connection between the cars body and rear suspension, delivering a more predictable dynamic behavior. As advice from Whiteline, the fitting of bigger Whiteline Sway bars is still the best dollar for dollar handling improvement you can make. Whiteline adjustable Sway Bars allow their stiffness to be altered by increasing or reducing the length of the lever arms. This permits the roll stiffness to be tuned for different situations without replacing the entire bar. The stiffer the bar, the more force required to move the left and right wheels relative to each other. This increases the amount of force required to make the body roll.

Subaru Forester Wilwood Superlite BBK Install

Whiteline Sway bars are manufactured using the finest grade Australian spring steel. They are powder coated and supplied with high performance synthetic elastomer mounting bushes in a DIY kit form, ready to simply bolt on. Whiteline adjustable sway bars offer from 2 up to 4 points of adjustment allowing in some cases 10 distinct stiffness settings for precise handling bias adjustment. The Whiteline blade is available across a huge range of applications.

Finishing the car are brand new 17” Enkei EV-5 wheels in Hyper Black. It was important for the owner to make a smart wheel decision because since the new big brake system was installed on the car, the factory wheels would no longer clear the calipers! Enkei’s EV-5 allowed the clearance needed for the wheels to rotate properly.

Subaru Forester Wilwood Superlite BBK Install


  • Wilwood 6-Piston Front and 4-Piston Rear BBK
  • Whiteline Swaybars (F+R)
  • Whiteline Rear Adjustable Trailing Arms
  • Enkei EV5 (Hyper Black)


Check out the installation of these parts and more on this awesome Subaru Forester in the high definition pictures below! Click a picture and then the link that appears to go to the picture directly to download!

January 13, 2017


EDO Performance goes to Autosport International 2017

Autosport International is Europe's largest indoor pre-season motorsport event and is celebrating its 27th anniversary between the 12th and 15th of January 2017 at the NEC in Birmingham U.K. The show is unique in that it encompasses two trade-only days and also two days for the general public. Featuring the very latest in motorsport, automotive and performance engineering technology, alongside cars and exhibitors from every level of motor racing, the show provides the perfect platform for members of the industry to meet, network and do business as well as enthusiasts to see the fastest cars, biggest stars and most amazing live action.

Autosport International 2017

The first two days of Autosport International are dedicated to members of the motorsport, automotive and performance engineering sectors. Featuring over 600 of the biggest and best-known exhibitors, a number of show areas and features, a dedicated business lounge and much more, the show is a hub of international motorsport business. On these days there is access to Europe’s biggest and most influential motosport technology companies who come to showcase the latest cutting-edge machinery and components on the eve of the new auto season. A dedicated “trade and technical” area supports a immense lineup of technical motorsport suppliers whom can all meet and do business in a very busy International Business Lounge and Motorsport Industry Association (MIA) stand. Two trade days also open access to those visitors that are aimed are considering a career in motorsport or performance engineering. Universities, colleges, and specialist training companies come and each offer advice on how to find a route into the industry.

Autosport International 2017

Come the weekend and the show opens its doors to the thousands of motorsport and performance car enthusiasts from around both the U.K. and aboard. The show brings intense life to the NEC and celebrates all things motorsport with celebrity appearances, live action, thrill rides, and so much more! Sections dedicated to national motorsports and historic motorsports open up visitor’s eyes to entry-level motorsports including circuit racing, rallying, hill climbing, sprints, trials, and even auto tests as well as historic event organizers, preparation and bespoke restoration companies, historic car clubs, and auto-jumble. Part of the experience is to witness both fitness and driver preparation where visitors of the show can attain the best advice, products, and training schedules for them to succeed at every level of motorsport and also to witness and take part in the very latest in simulators, Ginetta Thrill Rides, and even race karts!

All together there is more to the Autosport International show to experience than could ever be described by pictures and articles. We recommend to all auto and race enthusiasts to some day visit and experience the immense and ever growing show!

January 06, 2017


Tomioka Racing Shift Knobs Now Available!

Tomioka Racing has released their brand new shift knobs constructed from Delrin® materials! TR decided to create the shift knob using Delrin® materials due to the high tensile strength and toughness that it possesses as well as the low moisture absorption characteristic it provides. This feature makes the Tomioka Racing shift knob great for all driving applications from going for a simple drive all the way to pushing hard at the track! Featuring a billet aluminum base flashing the Tomioka Racing logo, the shift knob has a very high end and luxurious style to it. Its light weight of 3.2 ounces (90 grams) along with its extremely usable and ergonomic shape makes it perfect for driving year-round. Shift knob bases are available in options of black, blue, or red and come ready for Subaru, Honda, Acura, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota, Lexus, and Scion applications.

Get the perfect shift knob for your car today!

Subaru - 6 Speed

Subaru - 5 Speed

Honda & Acura

Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan

Toyota, Lexus, Scion

Installation is as simple as twisting off the old shift knob and twisting on the new and stylish replacement! See for yourself:

December 20, 2016


2005 WRX STi Build Update

Here at EDO Performance, revealing true performance is something we do best. Being the first year of the facelift to the second generation Impreza, “blob eye” Subaru models gained a highly praised following subsequent to the earlier “bug eye” Imprezas. Welcoming the ‘WRX STi’ name to the family came a “blob eye” Subaru such as this one. In the famed World Rally Blue Pearl paint, with the most powerful motor available at the time, this STi in even its stock form is still an amazing machine on the streets. However for some it will eventually become time for a power upgrade. At this point there are options to choose from, those being either buy a new car or make your current one faster. An amazing factor of the Subaru platforms is that they can be made to take more power for a relatively reasonable price compared to buying an entirely new car! We’re not talking about just an ECU tune either.

“With great power comes great responsibility” said the late Ben Parker. Anyone can get a tune and up their boost or even swap out a turbo. It’s all fun and games until someone blows a motor so with that said, there are safer and wiser steps to adding more power. Beginning with the basics we started by checking and making sure this STi’s motor was ready to take on the modification process. Checking for things like oil leaks, boost leaks, cracked hosing or pipes, ignition components and more, this Subaru was ready for its journey down the path of safe and reliable power. This kind of build was to be prepared as a track capable motor. Keeping this in mind we knew the main issues that had to be addressed when it comes to car problems on the track. Sticking to the engine side of things, we wanted to make sure that this car would be able to stay cool under heavy driving and high heat conditions.

Power was to be primarily attained by this STi from the Tomioka Racing GT35 Turbo. A .82 AR Stainless Steel Turbine Housing with 3” V-Band inlet and outlet utilizes genuine Garrett ball bearing technology and with its compressor wheel improves air flow by at least 10%. All around the GT35 is a great turbo for those looking for top end power. If the V-Band inlets and outlets aren’t suitable however, T3 inlets are also available. Of course connecting this turbo setup to the STi meant also upgrading a few other components that equip directly to the turbo assembly. Tomioka Racing’s unequal length exhaust manifold with 3-bolt up-pipe, Tial MV-R 44mm wastegate and Tial Q 50mm blow-off valve with 11 psi spring, and Mishimoto front mount intercooler, aluminum coolant expansion tank, and ancillary hoses,  all work in unison to make sure that this STi will be creating boost and horsepower effectively, efficiently, and safely.

To give a custom touch and assure functionality, EDO Performance doesn’t step down when there is a need for custom modification and fabrication. Keeping the turbo working properly is essential so that meant for a custom turbo feed return line as well as the turbo flange and gasket themselves. Regardless of fluids and conditions, there is no avoiding that heat will sit underneath the hood so to make sure there isn’t any heat escaping from the turbo application; a custom carbon fiber blanket was created. Proper fitment for functionality and maintenance is always kept in mind during modification and fabrication at this level so keeping that in mind all stainless steel piping and upper and lower radiator hoses are made accessible.

Turbo systems are complicated on their own and require a unique system of parts. After creating the entire custom turbo setup for this STi, we pursued other sources of reliable power. In simple terms, installing racing camshafts in this Subaru allowed for a higher curve, bigger valve opening, more air/fuel, more combustion, and more power. To provide and feed the engine with the amount of fuel it now -needed we installed Injector Dynamics 1700cc fuel injectors, a Walbro in-tank 400 lph e85 fuel pump and Tomioka Racing pro series fuel pressure regulator. Air and fuel need to be under constant monitoring from the cars ECU, but this can get a little tricky for the car as modifications are added. AEM Electronics’ air inlet temperature (AIT) sensor and Omni Power 3 bar map sensor help with this ensuring that the ECU knows the proper amount of air and fuel to supply the engine with based off of the custom tune we applied. Thanks to a K&N Air Filter, the engine and turbo system attains a crisp, cold, and clean source of air.

Adding many more components that consume electricity meant that this STi needed a suitable power source. The highest reserve capacity and cold cranking amperage is provided from the TR-B2100 battery. Tomioka Racing’s battery utilizes Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology which increases specific power and ride quality and environmental safety. The design allows the battery to be mounted in a variety of positions and to accept automotive terminals vertically and horizontally. Included with each Tomioka Racing battery are quality brass SAE terminals, designed to distribute the electrical load battery for high amperage, high stress use of racing and audio applications.

We at EDO Performance are excited for this build to reach its completion so that we can witness yet another satisfied customer and experience one awesome and brutally fast street machine! Stay tuned!

Like what you see? Get it for your car today!

November 09, 2016


Ever see the internal of a Subaru FB20 engine looks like? Here it is!

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